Thursday, January 24, 2013

Evolution of Dog

Even Darwin, who got most everything else right, underestimated the power of selection when it came to man's best friend.

Darwin thought that dog breeds differed so much that they must have been derived from different ancestors.

Nevertheless he speculated what it would mean if we could show that they were derived from a common ancestor:

if… it could be shown that the greyhound, bloodhound, terrier, spaniel and bull-dog, which we all know propagate their kind truly, were the offspring of any single species, then such facts would have great weight in making us doubt about the immutability of the many closely allied natural species

Genetic data now provides strong evidence that ALL dog breeds are descended from the Gray Wolf in a process of natural and artificial selection that took a mere 14,000 years to go from wolf to Chihuahua or from wolf to Poodle, or from wolf to Shar-Pei, or from....

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