Friday, January 11, 2013

Conservation and restoration

We will be visiting the Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration later this quarter but I thought I'd post details of their Conservation and Restoration seminar series for those of you with an interest in this area. In the past we have had students whose research interests are in molecular biology but who like to get their hands dirty with some practical conservation and restoration for fun.

This seminar series is a good way to hear about projects without the pressure of taking a whole class. You CAN take the whole series as a class for 2 units or you can just drop in to any seminar that sounds interesting.

Seminars are 6-7pm Monday evenings in CCBER Classroom - Rm 1013 harder south.

Each quarter the class has a different theme and this quarter the theme is California Channel Islands  Restoration.

This coming Monday's talk (Jan 14) is:

 Kathryn McEachern: Islands in transition: Studying and managing vegetation on the northern Channel Islands

Kathryn has been running the vegetation monitoring program for Channel Islands National Park for about 20 years and has some  interesting data to present.

The schedule for the rest of the quarter is:

Jan. 21  – MLK Holiday

Jan 28: Tim Handley : Twenty-plus years of vegetation change on Santa Barbara and Santa Rosa Islands: Monitoring methods and ecological results

Feb. 4. Denise Knapp: Ecosystem restoration on Catalina Island: Assessing threats and maximizing benefits

Feb. 11 – John Knapp: Invasive Species Monitoring and Management on Santa Cruz Island

Feb. 18th  - President’s Day – Holiday

Feb. 25th – David Mazurkeiweiz: Seabird nesting habitat restoration: Scorpion Island and Santa Barbara Island

March 4th – Ken Niessen – Optimizing Restoration Choices on Santa Rosa Island

March 11th – Emily Schultz: The effect of introduced herbivore removal and climate change on Santa Rosa Island plants with a focus on Jepsonia malvifolia demography

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