Monday, May 28, 2012

Undulating Blob Of Flesh

Great title for a story on the NPR site this week: Why Is That Undulating Blob Of Flesh Inspecting My Oil Rig? 
On April 25, somewhere in the ocean off Great Britain, a remotely operated video camera near a deep sea oil rig caught a glimpse — at first it was just a glimpse — of an astonishing looking sea creature. It was a green-gray blob of gelatinous muscle, covered with a finely mesh-like textured skin, no eyes, no tentacles, no front, no back. It moved constantly, floating up to the camera, then it backed off and disappeared. The camera operator tried to find it, and then, suddenly, out of the darkness, back it came.
The original video is above but check out the NPR link for some great video of the beast in question Deepstaria reticulum.

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