Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Causes of obesity - part 1

Some of you may have seen this video - check out the numbers, that's nearly 2.5 million YouTube hits! As the New York Times puts it, in a 2011 article 'Is Sugar Toxic?':
'fairly remarkable numbers for a 90-minute discussion of the nuances of fructose biochemistry and human physiology. '

Lustig is a persuasive speaker and he makes some good arguments . It seems like sugar is almost certainly part of the obesity problem - but is it the main part or are there other major causes. In the next post I'll look at some recent evidence for an infectious cause of obesity.

If Lustig is right, then our excessive consumption of sugar is the primary reason that the numbers of obese and diabetic Americans have skyrocketed in the past 30 years. But his argument implies more than that. If Lustig is right, it would mean that sugar is also the likely dietary cause of several other chronic ailments widely considered to be diseases of Western lifestyles — heart disease, hypertension and many common cancers among them.

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