Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wrap up

Thank you one and all for your presentations today. Excellent timekeeping by everyone and  such a diverse range of topics.

If you did not receive your Multiple Choice Quiz back that means that it was all present and correct - good work.

After ten weeks of daily posts (a habit is a powerful thing) I'm going to take a break from posting here every day but will return next quarter.

Good luck with your finals and have a fun Spring Break. Here's a final Spring Break related topic from a paper in Science this week that the media are naturally picking up on: 
eg in the Washington Post - Real barflies: Study explains why male fruit flies turn to alcohol when they can’t have sex
 The actual paper in Science is here: Sexual Deprivation Increases Ethanol Intake in Drosophila
(my new favorite paper title)
and there's a commentary on the paper here: Sexually Rejected Flies Turn to Booze

Offer a male fruit fly a choice between food soaked in alcohol and its nonalcoholic equivalent, and his decision will depend on whether he's mated recently or been rejected by a female. Flies that have been given the cold shoulder are more likely to go for the booze, researchers have found. It's the first discovery, in fruit flies, of a social interaction that influences future behavior. 

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