Monday, February 27, 2012

Mailing lists

We interrupt the normally scheduled blog posts to remind you that there are two Biology mailing lists that you can sign up for that may contain useful information to you

Biology-u-l -- Biology Undergraduate List is mainly for announcements made to L&S biology students. I recommend that all CCS biology students and any CCS student interested in biology classes and biology research sign up for this list (click the link to sign up). There aren't a lot of postings but there are some items of use. You can also check out the archives. Most posts are made by the two biology undergraduate advisors in MCDB and EEMB.

BIOnews is a more general list for the biology community at UCSB. There are some seminar announcements, course announcements, and a lot of people looking for pieces of equipment and chemicals. If you are part of the biology community at UCSB then you should sign up for this list.


Alexandra said...

I tried signing up for the second mailing list and I was rejected because "it is a closed list for departmental use only." Not sure if students can get on that one or maybe just freshmen?

Alexandra said...
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