Friday, January 20, 2012

Biodiversity bonanza

Most wildlife photographers strive to capture their subjects in the field in as a natural setting as possible. Joel Sartore has been taking a different approach and has been traveling around the country photographing animals in zoos and wildlife parks against stark black or white backgrounds. The crisp, sharp pictures are more reminiscent of fashion shoots than wildlife photographs and I think he is achieving his aim:
This black-and-white background technique gives all species equal weight and importance. A tiny beetle is as interesting as a lion, and a two-toed sloth as cuddly as a panda bear. The clean background, combined with nice light, allows the viewer to look every species in the eye, the window to the soul. I hope these portraits will connect with viewers and get them to understand that all creatures have at least a consciousness as well as a basic right to exist.
For more pictures, and a nice video, check out this National geographic article or visit Joel's website.

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