Thursday, April 14, 2011

Today's Miscellany

Don't forget next TUESDAY you will be writing about a selected research topic in class (it's on your syllabus).

A few items Claudia mentioned today that are buried here on the blog somewhere.
You may have received an e-mail from Bruce about tomorrow's meeting (Friday noon in room 143) with a CCS bio alum. Brendan Borrell (CCS Biology '99, UC Berkeley PhD in Biology '06 ) will talk about how he made the leap from science to journalism, demystify the logistics of surviving as a freelancer in New York, and share stories of reporting from the Bolivian chaco, the Australian rainforest, and the phosphate mines of Morocco.
    Finally I think Kathy may have also e-mailed you about her summer class but here are the details:

    MCDB 161L: Research Immersion in Molecular Biosciences
    Offered: Summer Session A,  June 20 – July 29,  2011
    Developed as part of the $1,000,0000 UCSB-HHMI initiative, this is an intensive (6 unit) undergraduate laboratory course covering basic approaches to research in molecular biosciences using model systems. In addition to the laboratory techniques, students learn hypothesis building, experimental design, data analysis and interpretation, as well as presentation skills. The 6-week course (Summer Session A) is taught in three modules, each based on current interdisciplinary biomolecular and biomedical research being conducted on the UCSB campus.  This is a unique opportunity for UCSB undergraduate students to obtain practical training that will help them prepare for careers in biomedical research.

    For more information and to apply to enroll in the course, see the attached flyer and the website:

    Kind Regards,
    Kathy Foltz

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