Friday, January 22, 2010

Encyclopedia of Life

I encountered this website about two years ago when it was not too well developed: The Encyclopedia of Life.  Since then, a lot of information has been added, and the site just continues to grow and  become more comprehensive. You can search for an organism and find information on its evolutionary history, ecology, general biology, as well as relevant scientific papers.

Here is a link for the Koala Bear (I've no idea why I chose it for an example- it just popped into my head). As you can see, there is an image gallery, and information below the images. To the right, there is a classification index that is really fun to play around with.

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John Latto said...

I had a friend whose wife was a keeper at San Francisco zoo who worked with koalas. If they get startled their defense is to scamper up a tree or the nearest tall object. If you are standing in their cage or holding them then this can be you. They have seriously strong claws and they can leave a pretty nasty wound as they climb up you. I forget how many stitches she needed to have her scalp wound closed but it was quite a lot.

It makes a good story though, out of all the dangerous animals they have at the zoo, to get taken out by a koala....