Monday, May 18, 2009


Not exactly the most surprising prediction but in a blog posting last year, Most obvious nickname ever..., I wrote:
'If there was a regular 140m or 150m event I imagine the world land speed record would be set over that distance.'

Unless I'm reading the wrong news sources the news that a human has just exceeded 25mph in an athletic event for essentially the first time ever has received remarkably little attention.

On a cold and rainy Sunday in Manchester, England, on a specially laid out 150m track on the streets Usain Bolt made it look easy. His time, 14.35 works out at 10.453 m/s or 23.38mph. even more impressively the final 100m of the 150m (ie a 100m with a flying start) was timed at 8.72. This works out to be 11.468m/s or 25.65mph.

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