Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Smörgåsbord of evolution

A few earlier posts of relevance and a few links of interest.

Previous Blog postings
  • Web sight - A 2006 Science paper about a fossilized spider web (I knew there was a good pun there somewhere)
  • Tiktaalik - Some links to the fishopod discovery and what we mean by the term 'missing link'.
  • Thirteen year old girls storming the Bastille - Sadly I did not come up with this wonderful imagery. It is from a New Yorker article on human height change and why Europeans are still getting taller but american aren't.
  • Resources - Some links to online places you can read Erasmus Darwin's work. And listen to Charles Darwin's work for free.
Other links
  • The Berkeley Understanding Evolution webpage.
  • As Biologists you should be so thoroughly familiar with evolution that you know and can refute, as appropriate, the array of attacks against it. Icons of Evolution is a controversial book by the intelligent design advocate Jonathan Wells that focuses on 10 examples used to teach evolution. If you don't want to wade through the book you can read a summary article here. We have, or will, cover most of these examples in class. The National Center for Science Education has a nice paper by Alan Gishlick with the rather confrontational title of ' Why much of what Jonathan Wells writes about evolution is wrong.' Well worth a quick read.

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