Saturday, January 10, 2009

Low tides and butterflies

Splendid low tides this weekend, a -2.0 at 4.08pm tomorrow (Sunday). The sun sets at 5.10 and a beautiful full moon rises at 6 tomorrow.

The Monarch butterflies are also back at the Ellwood butterfly grove and if you haven't been to see them then this is a must do item whilst you are in Santa Barbara. They are usually at the grove from December through February. You can find directions on the website of the landtrust. If you cycle or drive from campus just take Hollister West past the mall, past the stop light at Entrance Rd and take the next left on Coronado. At the end of this street there is a path and information about the butterflies. I guess it's probably about a 30 minute ride from campus (give or take). If you continue down to the beach from here (a short walk over the bluffs) the tidepools are pretty good. It is hard to explain this experience if you haven't been there. This picture gives you an idea. This is also a great place to see both bats and owls. The path that runs through the eucalyptus, parallel to the ocean, is a regular bat runway at dusk and the open spaces between the eucalyptus and the ocean attract a lot of birds of prey, presumably attracted by a large small mammal popluation.

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