Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Scientists in Japan clone mice that had been frozen for 16 years

They suggest this leads to the possibility of cloning extinct species from the cells of frozen animals like mammoths. I've also heard the idea that being able to clone animals could lead to an ethical meat option for vegans and vegetarians (no animal would be harmed as the meat would be grown by itself in a lab).

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John Latto said...

Gearhart was only half-joking and said the study "may now stimulate the small industry of freezing parts of us before we die to bring us back in the future."

Wow. Does this mean we can avoid the fairly creepy whole body freezing and just have a few cells frozen, early in life before they accumulate mutations, to ensure a life eternal? It has all the same problems of who will unfreeze you and clone you but many of these issues have been addressed already - at least by science fiction writers. You'd also start with an empty brain again and have no memories of your past life but I can see advantages in this. Hmmm, interesting.