Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Welcome to the CCS Bio Blog. This Blog functions as the website for the introductory biology series you will take in CCS:
  • Fall: Biology colloquium CS10
  • Winter: Introductory Biology CS20
  • Spring: Introductory Biology CS30

We will use it as a class website (files will be posted under 'links' to the right) and seminar announcements etc will be posted straight to the blog. We also hope you will use it to post items of interest to other students. You can scan back through previous postings to get an idea of the sorts of material that are suitable. They are also categorized if you look at the list of labels (also to the right).

We also hope this will become a CCS biology home on the web. Past students will remain on the list of authors and will be encouraged to continue to post. Interesting research paper, upcoming seminar announcements and research opportunities are all welcome.

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