Wednesday, September 24, 2008

CCBER Seminar series for Fall 2008

CCBER is very pleased to announce that Biological Invasions of Plants and Animals will be the topic of our Fall Restoration Ecology Seminar.

*Biological Invasions: Management and Impacts*

*CCBER Classroom 1013, Harder Stadium: 6-7pm Monday nights
Lisa Stratton & Carla D’Antonio

*September 29* – *Introduction*: Schedule, readings and expectations: Lisa Stratton & Carla D’Antonio

*October 6th * –* Prof. Jonathan Levine* - *Understanding biological invasions from introduction through impact*

*October 13th * –* Prof. Carla D’Antonio *– *Ecosystem impacts of invasive plant species: Examples from the western USA.*

*October 20th * - *John Knapp *(Director of Native Range) *The role of prioritization in invasive plant management*

*October 27th * – Tom Dudley – *Biocontrol and the SW Willow Flycatcher*

*November 3rd * – *Wayne Chapman* (CCBER)– *Invasive plants and Restoration: challenges and vignettes*: *Considering the functional role of non-natives*

*November 10th * – *Deborah Gordon * – *The ecology of Argentine ants in California*

*November 17th * – *Peter Schuyler *– *Challenges in controlling non-native animals on California Channel Island and Hawaiian Islands*

*November 24th * – *Roland Knapp* (Research Biologist, UCSB) – *Thinking outside of the lake: fish impacts on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems in the Sierra Nevada*

*December 1* – Final discussion

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