Monday, May 5, 2008

Off the couch again - another public service announcement

Well we saw some exercise in action today and heard about the wonderful benefits of a fitness regime for your heart, lungs and longevity. As students here you have some great facilities right on campus but getting motivated and finding the time can be difficult with all the other demands on your time. One thing that works for lots of people, especially as you get older, is to participate in community events. This gives you a target to aim for regardless of whether your goal is simply to complete the event or beat some particular time. Here are some events going on in the Santa Barbara area in the near and long term that might motivate you.

Nite Moves happens every Wednesday night from Leadbetter beach in downtown Santa Barbara over the summer. There's an ocean swim, a 5k run, or both, followed by food, beer and music. It's downtown but you can hang around for dinner. It started last week and runs through to the end of August.

A fairly unique Santa Barbara event is the June State Street Mile. A fast, downhill mile through the center of Santa Barbara run as a series of heats according to age, ability and presence/absence of a dog. Borrow a fast dog and try the dog mile...

If you are here in the summer there's free ice cream at the McConnell's Ice Cream endurance events on August 17th. Events occur right by campus at Goleta Beach: 5k, 10k, Biathlon and Ocean Swim.

Santa Barbara Triathlon is also in August and has both long and sprint courses.

Santa Barbara half marathon in November attracts a couple of thousand people to a nice oceanfront course.

It is rumored that a Santa Barbara Marathon will return in Late 2009 after an absence of several years. No details yet but someone has bought the domain name and put some nice photographs up. Should be long enough for you to train....

For details on all these events and more the Santa Barbara Athletic Association keeps a handy calendar.

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