Monday, May 5, 2008

Mutant Swan in UCSB Lagoon!!!!!

This weekend I decided to show my mother who was visiting from Colorado the pristine scenery of UCSB. We were walking around the lagoon and I was describing the one swan who normally occupies the lagoon in all his majesty when we spotted this monstrosity. Is it the same swan? Is it a mutant swan? Is that a third leg? Or perhaps just the second bent at an obscure and uncomfortable angle? Should I worry about walking so close to Lagoon water? Please help me solve this mystery.


John Latto said...

Oooh a mystery. I love a good mystery. It's surprising how much you can learn about furniture if you google 'swan' and 'leg'. If you google 'swan' and 'broken leg' you find this on the second page of links: The London Waterfowl Project Frequently Asked Questions:

Foot on Back - or broken leg?

* Swans frequently rest with one foot lifted up and resting on their back.
* This is normal and does not mean that the swan has a broken leg.

Of course that does not mean that this swan is not some hideous mutant but we should maybe give it the benefit of the doubt. (Although I wouldn't turn my back on the lagoon if I were you).

Other gems from the London Waterfowl Project Frequently Asked Questions include:
# Bathing - or having a fit?
# ‘Gang rape’ by mallard - should something be done?

(Answers are 'Bathing' and 'no')

Katie Wilson said...

Well according to the most recent water quality test done on the lagoon last week... it is still in accordance with EPA standards. I still would advise that you not swim in it or else risk coming out glowing green or at least covered in an algal bloom. Who knows though if the lagoon swan has been the first of the lagoon fauna to mutate.