Sunday, May 18, 2008

The amazing Lyre bird

This really needs no introduction. Just watch the amazing video. But since I'm here, I'll just point out that for most of my childhood England had 3 TV stations, and no-one really watched one of them (I'm talking about you BBC2). This meant that the whole country watched anything of remote interest on the other two and so now they seem to have endless Top 10 moments, which is a lame excuse for a clip show, but at least everyone remembers the shows they reminisce about. Last time I was back in England I watched the Top 100 TV comedy moments and despite not living in England for over a decade I recognized almost all of them. Anyway, this is obviously from the top ten Attenborough moments and makes me want to see the rest. Not only is it amazing but it's also profoundly depressing with the poor bird mimicking the sounds of its own destruction. You can get most of the Attenborough nature documentaries on DVD here, they are, without exception, worth watching. The quality is simply remarkable. FYI, for some reason most Americans don't seem to realize David Attenborough is the younger brother of Richard Attenborough who is an equally distinguished actor (you probably saw him in Jurassic Park as the developer John Hammond) and director (A Bridge too Far, Gandhi and Cry Freedom amongst others).

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