Monday, March 10, 2008

Don't forget

Don't forget to get the list of topics you investigated to me or Claudia today. You will write on one of these tomorrow and present one (your choice) orally on Thursday.

NOTE (because the comments aren't always obvious): There are 21 of you and about 65 minutes left after we do the obligatory evaluations. You do the math. That's 3 minutes MAXIMUM. Aim for 2 1/2. You can't cover much but you can say what you investigated, why you found it interesting and maybe one interesting thing you discovered. Short and sweet. Good practice.


Vincenzo said...

how long should our oral presentations be?

John Latto said...

We need 10 minutes for the evaluations which leaves us 65 minutes. We have 21 people so it's going to have to be 2-3 minutes per person. That's short I'm afraid but it will be an interesting opportunity to see what people looked at, rather than learning anything in depth. Keep it short and succinct so we can fit everybody in.