Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This just in....

'Tree Of Life' Has Lost A Branch, According To Largest Genetic Comparison Of Higher Life Forms Ever.
ScienceDaily (Jan. 22, 2008)

To get a good grip on eukarotic diversity try to work out how this arrangement differs from the one I presented in class and the one in your text. It actually looks like the 5 groups in Purves 8th were closer to this new study than some other texts. As I mentioned today Purves already has the Alveolates (apicomplexans, Dinoflagellates and cilliates) and the Stramenopiles (brown algae, diatoms and oomcycetes) grouped into the Chromalveolates. This latest study suggests that the Rhizaria (forameniferans and radiolarians) should also join that group. (If the group called Unikonts doesn't sound familiar it is because we ran out of time to discuss this group - but that's fine because we'll be returning to this group several times since it contains both the fungi and the animals.)

I'd dispute whether the tree of life has 'lost a branch' though or whether one branch joins the tree higher up than we previously thought.

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Marites Villarosa Garcia said...

Ha ha! That's kinda funny, I was just about to post this one. The article is a short read but insightful nonetheless.