Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Scientist articles

Check out New Scientist's special feature on evolution
The article itself is pretty basic, and I think we all already know about what they discuss... but the article also has some neat links and interactives. Check out the "Top Ten" list, "infrequently asked questions," related articles in the archives, and the other articles listed below the menu options. 

There is one new article called "Is information essential for life?" that discusses environmental data storage in organisms and its role in evolution... You can't access the whole article online for free, but it should be in the UC online research catalog in a couple weeks.

There are TONS of cool related articles at the bottom of the page and a lot of them look like interesting topics to look into for our assignment...

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John Latto said...

New Scientist is a great magazine and it is well worth the subscription. Although they provide quite a bit of free information many of the articles (the ones with the little blue NS logo) are available to subscribers only. It looks like you can get these through the library but not for the most recent month. IF you want access to the full archives AND you promise not to abuse IT I'll send details of how to login so you can access everything.