Tuesday, January 8, 2008

extra reading

Salutations to anyone needing a greeting. I realize that this isn't necessarily new material on the origins of life but David Koerner and Simon LeVay's Here Be Dragons: The scientific Quest for Extraterrestrial Life is worth looking at. As implied by the title the main point of the text is to explore the possibility of life in other planets. However the main means by which this is done is by looking at life here on earth and all the different environments it can occur in. There's mention of the hydrothermal vent communities, microbes living inside rocks in Antarctica, halpophiles in dried up salt beds in Death Valley, even Miller and Yuri's experiment. Sadly I cant give a full book review since I didn't quite finish it [not because of lack of interest, but ratherlack of free time]. If you'd like to get your hands on it, I know the Davidson Library on campus had it. Thought I'd let people know.

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Logan Banks said...

Great thanks! I'll have a look through sometime.