Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Evolution is Easy!

Okay I confess I took this from a previous blog posting but I couldn't resist.....

Thanks to the wonderful folks at BoingBoing (a directory of wonderful things) for directing my attention to this fabulous cultural artifact: a Red Queen Barbie doll! Part of a new line of Alice in Wonderland Barbie toys. Buy this one and all your other Barbie dolls will have to run twice as fast just to keep up.

The only disappointment is how, well, static, the Red Queen looks. Perhaps she should come with a catapult launcher.....

Although Barbie is well known for her difficulty with math she has already revealed a fondness for evolution: witness the Paleontologist Barbie. There is a 'Dinosaur Quiz' on the back of the box- 'if you get five or more right you should consider a career in paleontology too!'

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