Thursday, January 10, 2008

Clouded Leopards of Borneo get their own species name

Hey everyone, I came across this article in the October 2007 National Geographic today and thought that it was a great match to todays lecture on systematics! The clouded leopards of Borneo now have their own species name Neofelis diardi!

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John Latto said...

This is also a great news topic for when we talk about speciation. How much difference is needed before you divide a species in two? I'm guessing you have probably already come across the biological species concept. Notice that here, even with living, breathing, organisms the article doesn't suggest trying to see if they interbreed. Some soft lighting and a little mood music and who knows.....

I'd also like to give a plug for National Geographic. It costs about $12 a year to subscribe and you get a magazine with interesting articles, absolutely stunning photographs, and the magazine has become increasingly conservation oriented and your subscription helps support expeditions.